'Change Makers'
'Change Makers'
SDG4 Quality Education

Sustainable Development Goals:   
'Laurel High Global School'
School Radio organized a workshop on Sustainable Development Goals, to the students of Laurel High Global School, Rajahmundry. Children of 4 and 5 standards expressed their desire to anchor the programmes on Sustainable Development Goals. We immediately invited them to anchor the programmes, children have started writing their own script and weaving their personal experiences around the stories. Their voices are being recorded on School Radio, or on their voice recording devices to broadcast their content. Students have started anchoring the programmes on their own by undergoing self learning and experiential learning process. Which are essential in 21 century. Children always surprise us. Now, all the children, who were part of the workshop, come out with their own programme on SDGs-as young changemakers, and Joshita Akula, going to present the programme. 
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